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Growth Self Development

Growth Self Development aims to help bring you to your full potential and therefore create success in your business and yourself.

Acquiring and learning new skills such as communication skills and languages can certainly make a difference to the opportunities offered to you.

Learning about yourself and discovering what skills you might want to have can boost your confidence and give new direction to your life.

Why Train with Growth Self Development?

Anne-Marie and her network of experts have had a tremendous amount of experience in their fields. They have trained people from varying backgrounds and nationalities and are sensitive to the needs of their clients.

Flexibility and excellence are key words when describing the top class service offered.

The Clients

The Clients

In business, it is very important to have a presence. In the attempt to establish a presence, don’t force it! There is a great difference between those who can be THE presence in any room they walk in, and those who are crying out for attention.  Presence should come from confidence and self assurance. Those who try too hard to get attention are really trying to gain the approval of others in order to gain self confidence and self assurance. Relying on other people to fuel your confidence is never a good idea.

Being THE presence means being fully aware of your ability to control and effect your atmosphere. It means having the capacity to influence everyone in the room whether you speak to anyone or not. The way you dress, the way you move and the way you converse is vital to having that PRESENCE.

The Language of Success course provides clients with the tools to HAVE  that presence in any room. If you are a non-native speaker of English then the advanced course, English for International Business, will boost your confidence in international circles.

In times of decision making, project management or simple organizing your life, Mind Mapping is the most effective way to do all of these tasks, and  many others, with ease. Using mind mapping forces you to use both sides of the brain and therefore find solutions faster and better than any other method because you are using your brain to its full potential and it is fun to do!

Personal Coaching is available for anyone needing direction and help with personal development.

The state of ultimate happiness, well being and prosperity leading to success.