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Profile of Anne-Marie Loughnane

Growth Self Development Seminars

Anne-Marie LoughnaneThe aim of life
is self development.

To realize one’s
nature perfectly…

that is
what each of us is here for.

Oscar Wilde


Anne-Marie Loughnane is a dynamic and energetic speaker and coach, who enjoys showing people how to empower their lives through personal growth and development. With thirty years of experience in both the educational and corporate settings, Anne-Marie has acquired a wealth of information on topics ranging from the importance of personal development to confronting bullying in the workplace.

Her satisfied clients from over forty countries, world-wide will attest to Anne-Marie’s success in transforming their lives through her training seminars. Her roles throughout her career include teacher, corporate manager, school principal and company director.

Although originally from England, Anne-Marie has lived and worked in Greece, Germany, Switzerland, The Czech Republic, The Netherlands, The British Virgin Islands, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi and has worked for three of the largest companies in the world: Pilkington Glass, Siemens and Saudi ARAMCO. With these cross –cultural experiences, she has found that life skills development is a universal need and, as a result of requests from those she has come into contact with, has created her own training and coaching company.