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English for International Business

This training is offered to groups or individuals and can be customized.
Non-customized content can be found on this site.

Now is the time to PERFECT your English skills. There are too many misunderstandings everyday in the workplace which are causing disasters and costly project failures as well as the loss of potentially good business deals and valuable time. These misunderstandings are a result of poor English language knowledge.

This is an ESSENTIAL WORKSHOP for you!

The Themes

Part 1             Presenting a Positive Image
                      Cross Cultural Awareness
                      Handling Conflict

Part 2             Teamwork and Coaching
                      Problem Solving
                      Economic-Environmental-Global Issues
                      Sales Strategies
                      Product Presentation

The modular design of the course allows you to take the whole course or either part one or part two only. You can return on another set date to take the part you have missed.



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